Hello friends! I love that you are a proud owner of a You & I Doll. Doll care is perfect for the maintenance of our friendship.

  • Remove shoes and wash the doll in a laundry bag.
  • Wash with light-colored clothes and air dry. Expect slight color fade if constant dryer use.


Try not to throw me around especially if there are others near. My shoes are a little heavy and can hurt someone. I am not the best doll for bath time but I am perfect for bedtime snuggles. You might want to remove my shoes before bed (optional).

I have magnets in my hands that are not safe for consumption. Even though my magnets are secured in my hands this doll is best for ages 3 and up to prevent choking hazards.


Most hairstyles are meant to be permanent. Please do not cut the thread to prevent unraveling.