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The sun is out and so are we!! It’s time to start planning for your family vacation. I said “expert tips” for traveling with toddlers because I have traveled so many times with my children, that I think I can call myself an expert. Sometimes I traveled with just my children and me.

Traveling with toddler’s must-haves 

Traveling with toddlers tips for the airport
Bombi lightweight stroller in color evergreen

I fell in love with Lightweight Travel Stroller | Bēbee from Bombi™ for so many reasons! I love how easy it is to fold and unfold when I need to check it in at the gate. The cup holder for me, is nice and deep to hold a bottle of water or coffee without spilling! There is storage for the things you need right away instead of digging in the baby bag. My favorite part is the stroller cover. If I decided to check in my stroller with my luggage, I don’t have to worry about missing parts or mess. This is the best travel stroller for flying. I honestly wished I had this stroller with my first born. You can see more of my review on my instagram page.

Baby bag 

There are a lot of fancy baby bags out there, but make sure it covers your needs first. You will need insulation, space for diapers, space for wipes, and large storage for clothes and snacks. Make sure the straps have padding for your comfort. 

Essential bag

This is a small bag you can keep in your baby bag. This bag needs to hold your wallet, phone, passport, and tickets. This saves you the hassle of searching everywhere for the things you will need the most.

Baby carrier with a seat

You might decide to check in your  Lightweight Travel Stroller | Bēbee from Bombi™ with your luggage. The baby carrier with a seat holds your baby weight so your back is not straining. The seat also helps with avoiding hip dysplasia

Traveling with toddlers made easy with Bombi lightweight travel stroller
You can do this girl!

Traveling with Toddlers

Book your flight during nap time

This will help them to sleep on the plan and hopefully you can get some rest as well. 

Choose window seats

Window seats are so entertaining and you don’t want anyone waking you or your baby up trying to get to the bathroom. 

Pack early

It is fine to pack the day before but do not wait until it is too late in the evening. Even if you have someone traveling with you. You still need to have enough energy to be alert. 

Do not overpack

You don’t need 15 pairs of jeans for a 3 day weekend! Questions to ask yourself when packing. How many days will you be traveling? Do you have the option to wash your clothes? Will you go shopping? Is your child messy?

If we are traveling for a week, I pack two pairs of jeans for myself, four shirts, an outfit for church, and underwear for every day of the week plus two extra. For my daughter, one-year-old, I pack her about 3-4 outfits. For my son, three, I pack his clothes similar to mine. Everything fits into one suitcase. Oh and only 3 pairs of shoes for myself!


I always suggest checking in your bag for freedom. You’re already traveling with toddlers, you don’t need your hands tied with anything else. Keep in mind cost of living could be higher where you are traveling too. So groceries, gas, and food can be higher.

Find empty gates

When waiting for your plane, find an empty gate or seats near your gate so the kids can run around. stretch their little legs.

Capture memories when traveling with toddlers
Capture your memories when traveling with toddlers

Capture the memories

Take pictures even at the airport. Momma take pictures of you and your children. No matter your reason for traveling, these are memories you want to capture. 

Use car seat cover as extra storage

Not only can a cover protect the car seat from dust, but you can also stuff a bag of diapers in there. They don’t weigh the car seats and it is free to check it in. 

Consider car seat rentals

I know some Airbnb host offers car seat rentals when traveling with toddlers. Helps if you are arriving back home late, you don’t have to worry about installing a car seat. Ask them to send you a picture of the car seat expiration date. 

Do not over-pack baby bag

Leave room in the baby bag for your jackets. Especially if you are leaving a colder climate for hot weather. If possible leave your coats in the car or with your pick-up person.

Think of bathroom use

Even though I have two children, I always used a baby carrier and a single stroller. Especially if my husband is not traveling with me. You want to use a stroller that can fit in the bathroom stall. Try fitting a bulky double stroller or wagon in a bathroom stall. I make my 3-year-old stand and I take my one-year-old out of the carrier and put her in the stroller. Both kids and my items are always with me.

Wear the same clothes

Wear the clothes traveling back that you wore traveling in. This will help the desire to overpack.

Pacifier and snacks for ear popping

Use a pacifier or breastfeed when the plane is taking off and landing. For children one and older have them eat a snack. This will help with the pressure in their ears. If they are sleeping during this time, a stewardess taught me to hold the baby longitude (baby head on your shoulder) rather than latitude (baby head in your arm).

Consider shipping items

If you are traveling for more than two weeks, see if there is a way to ship must need items down. For example, when I visited my parents for more than three weeks, I shipped a box of diapers down. Diapers are expensive on the islands.


They are a lot of toys advertised as “best travel toys”, but you will be surprised by the simple things that keep your child entertained. Remember if you booked the flight during their naps they don’t need that many toys. Two to Three small toys are fine.

Airplane activities

Walk with crayons, stickers and a drawing pad. Have the child make art with putting stickers on a blank sheet of paper. Then later they can color. Choose things that have multipurpose.

Don’t be in a rush

If you wait long enough to get on the plane, you can see if there are any empty seats. You can also ask the stewardess to let you know if there are any extra seats so your baby can lay out on the seats. 

No need for breastfeeding cover

Wear a big shirt and a loose bra. Or you can use a blanket to cover up. You are more likely to already have the blanket out than have the nursing cover. I learned my lesson after struggling to get my baby bag from under my seat to get a nursing cover while my baby is screaming. Save yourself the headache.

Wear comfortable shoes

I prefer sneakers I don’t have to tie the shoelaces because you will have to take them off at customs. Baby and toddlers don’t have to take their shoes off. 

I know it can be stressful to be traveling with toddlers, but you got this! Enjoy family fun in the sun!

Pumping station is not always availabl

Do not wear anything that will make you engorged. Your supply might decrease due to the change in schedule, but there are ways you can build your supply back up.

Extra tip: Use your extra breastmilk to soothe sunburn

Empty sippy cups or bottles

I have been stopped by customs to check my son or daughter’s sippy cup because I left it in the baby bag when going through the x-ray. They test the liquid to make sure it is not a drug. It is a hold-up you don’t need. Fix the bottles after customs.

Do not be afraid to ask for privileges

Ask the desk attendant if they can let you on the plane before your group number. This way your children won’t have to pace by a lot of people, especially in a tight aisle.  

Don’t be stress by people stares

Not everyone on your plane will be traveling with toddlers, so expect stares from people who don’t understand. Try to remain calm when your child is crying. I must admit I handled my son out of frustration and embarrassment rather than being calm. Comfort your child and eventually, they will calm down. Flying is not always easy for some children, try to be patient.

Mask must be worn for children 3 and up

Traveling with toddlers during an ongoing pandemic is different for a lot of people due to mask-wearing. If your child can’t wear a mask long give them a snack when walking onto the plane or hold a snack when the stewardess walks by. 

Travel with important documents

Customs especially on the islands will ask to see a baby’s birth certificate if the child doesn’t have a passport. Always research what you will need when traveling.

Take a picture of your parking ticket

Let’s just say my husband learned his lesson the hard way. Two children, luggage, a late arrival, and we can’t find our car is a very bad equation.  

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