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Have you ever wanted to camp without sleeping on the floor? Well, I have! I love nature but I also love comfort. Camping at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone campground gave me the best of both worlds. I hoped to have a good time but this campground surpassed my expectations.

There are 75 Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campgrounds. Each one offers something different. So my review is based on my experience at the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground in Asheboro. If you live in the Piedmont Triad this is the perfect spot for a getaway not too far from home. This location is also very close to restaurants and stores. The Heart of North Carolina Visitors Bureau paid for our lodging here and I am so grateful they did. I hope this blog helps you see the beauty in Asheboro.

cabin window at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Campground Asheboro
Cabin morning view while I read my Bible
My Cabin

We did a two-night three-day stay in one of their cabins. The campground is perfect for RV’s in different sizes or travel tents. There is a laundry room and I believe I saw a washroom for those staying in tents. Some cabins are pet-friendly so your entire family can join the fun.

If you ever wanted to know what tiny living was like, staying in one of their cabins is a good reality check. I realized tiny living is a temporary option for me. The cabin had one bedroom, a loft with two beds, a living room with a sleeper bed, a kitchen with full-size appliances, and a full bathroom. There was also a screened-in porch. The cabin had a lot of windows for natural light. For my A/C folks, don’t worry there is central air to keep you cool or warm.

I loved how each cabin had a bench and fire pit outside. The ranger station has a mini convenience store for all the goodies you might want like a s’more kit. Each cabin has a TV inside but there is so much to do, you might not have time for the TV.

The loft had two twin beds with a fan. I was a little nervous about my kids sleeping in the loft but we discussed safety rules with the kids. Sleeping arrangements did change by the second night because the baby girl was afraid. That helped ease my mind because I was nervous of babygirl trying to walk down the stairs early in the morning. I was surprised by how comfortable the beds were. My husband thought the sleeper couch was comfortable as well.


I think bathroom use is everyone’s biggest concern when camping. I know it was for me. The bathroom was a full-sized bathroom with a regular-sized toilet, shower, mini sink, towel hooks, and storage. I will say if you are taller than 6 feet, the shower might not be very comfortable. There was hot and cold water.

I don’t think any of the cabins have bathtubs which seems to be a big deal for some state siders. I am from the Virgin Islands where bathtubs are a luxury. Showering my kids was not an issue for me. I would recommend bringing a bath cup.

father helping son
free laser tag!


There is a playground, trails, pool, yogi bear’s house, and more! Because we went in the springtime, the pool was not open as yet but it looked like so much fun. I recommend downloading their app to see what activities are happening. For example, one night there was a glow-in-the-dark party with a hay ride around the campground! The staff is very energetic. I called one staff member the party lady because she was the life of the party that night.

The app also tells you when there is a bear sighting. Bear sighting means you will have the opportunity to meet Yogi or one of the friends. I know it’s just a costume but seeing Yogi Bear brought back so many memories! If you grew up watching Yogi Bear, Flinstones, or Whacky Racers, be prepared to be a bigger kid than your kids. The people that are in the costumes are in full character. They were funny, kind, and understanding when a kid was scared.

I asked one lady if she visited other Jellystone campgrounds and she said the Asheboro location was the best out of the ones she visited. She explained not all campgrounds have free activities or activities that cater to families with little ones.

Customer Service

The staff was amazing! Everyone was so kind and energetic. One young lady takes pride in trying to remember all the little kid’s names she meets. You can tell the staff gets along like family. When I called to replace the floor fan in the loft, they replaced it less than ten minutes after my call. There was no questioning if I was wrong or right, they just made sure to take care of us. I appreciated that type of service so much.

little girl with yogi bear
babygirl was afraid of getting too close to Yogi but she still wanted a picture. I told her I would take a picture while he was in the background but not close. She was so excited about this idea!


Things you will need to bring

  • towels
  • a bath rug
  • soap
  • shampoo/conditioner

Things I brought

  • My pillow because I’m particular. However, the pillows in the rooms seemed comfortable. My husband had no complaints.
  • Potty Seat
  • Allergy medicine because depending on the season your allergies will act up.
  • Electric fly swatter

Things I would bring next time

  • My griddle for convenience.
  • Command strip hooks to hang our wash cloths
  • Soap dish
  • Aluminum foil. The kitchen is equipped with cookware to bake or make a meal.
  • Dish scrubber. There is no dishwasher so be prepared to wash dishes by hand.
  • Outlet plugs for safety. I did appreciate the oven being baby proof with knob covers.

Fun fact: Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Asheboro has a homeschool special! In March, June, and September, registered homeschoolers will receive 15% off their reservations. I will be using that deal in the near future! Check out their reservation page for more information.

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