A devotional you can listen to while riding in the car or hiding in the bathroom. This devotional podcast is for everyone! Excited to grow with you!

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Let’s Talk about Sex Baby

One of the top leads to divorce is sex. If you don’t know by now that I am a transparent mom, now you know. Sex should be beautiful but for some women, it is not. I share my story of how I felt I was failing as a wife in this area in hopes to help another wife.

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Teaching my Husband how to love me

I did not know I would have to teach my husband how to love me! I thought this was an automatic thing. Join Sade and me in some laughter while we talk about ALL THE THINGS! Ladies let me see your thoughts in the comments.

Self Perception vs What others see

Let us be honest! What we think of ourselves is not what people actually see. Let’s talk about it and begin to celebrate the women we are! God created someone valuable

God’s Imprinting

I really thought spending time with God was for Him only to learn it was for me! If you need healing, strength, peace, or joy this message is for you!

Forgiving the Father

In this episode, I have a special guest, Christian Anderson. We talk about single motherhood and what forgiving the absent father of your child looks like. I love how Christian teaches her daughter to forgive her dad and how she walks in forgiveness herself. If this was the encouragement you needed, screenshot this episode and tag me in your Instagram stories. @_dearmommy_