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In Dear Mommy, You’re Not Alone the author Rhea Williamson shares her personal stories about her motherhood journey and shares spirit lead advice to help other moms who might be experiencing the same thing. Rhea experienced postpartum depression after giving birth to her son, it was then God told her to write this book. After becoming a mom, your body is not the only thing that experiences change. There are changes in marriage, friendships, and your life as you once knew it. What helped Rhea get through the changes that come with motherhood, were her mom-friends that said “I understand.” One thing a mom needs is a friend that cast no judgment and can relate. If anyone gets it, it is your mom-friend Rhea who contemplated divorcing her husband and who almost shook her baby. If it wasn’t for the relationship she has with the Holy Spirit, those stories would have come true. Read to see how the Holy Spirit can help you with motherhood. Read for the encouragement that you are doing a great job. Read to know you are not alone. A book written by a real mom for a mom like you.


2 reviews for Ebook Dear Mommy

  1. Khadija

    Just finished the book and absolutely loved it! It was relatable and a great reminder that as moms were not alone”

  2. Harmony

    Rhea I love your book because it is an easy read and RELATABLE!

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