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The longer I’ve homeschooled the more I am learning to turn off the traditional school mindset. I have contemplated taking a weekday off school for a long time before leaping. Then one week I decided to try it and fell in love. Now we learn on Saturday mornings. Here are 5 reasons why I take a weekday off from homeschooling and what our Saturdays look like.


Taking a weekday off from homeschooling provides an opportunity for much-needed rest and rejuvenation. Can I be honest someday I don’t feel like homeschooling. Sometimes its good to take a mental break and just go to the park. The class room is not the only place of learning. They learn from conversations in the car or trips to the farmers market. Relax learning is just as fundamental.

Mental Health

The demands of homeschooling can sometimes lead to stress and burnout, particularly for parents who juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. I’m not just a homeschool mom, there is grocery shopping to be done, work to complete, and a house to clean. This breaks also allows your kids to have a mental break. Don’t you remember hoping there was a snow day or teachers strike? Kids don’t feel like homeschooling some days as well.

No Guilt

The guilt I felt on grocery shopping days was horrible. I would either try to homeschool quickly before grocery shopping or be too tired when I got home. I tried grocery shopping on the weekend but have you seen those crowds? The weekday off also allows doctor appointments, bank visits, or anything we want to do.

Strengthening Family Bonds

Taking a weekday off from homeschooling allows my husband to join in on the fun. I will be honest the first time my husband helped I cringed and interrupted every time my husband didn’t do something like I do. There are some subjects we have to become on one accord on, but there are subjects he does great alone. Having my husband teach also allowed me a break and an opportunity to focus on one child.

What my Saruday’s look like

I chose to homeschool on Saturdays but it is not my full homeschool schedule. You can learn more about my homeschool routine by reading this article. Saturday is a time for review and a few pages of a workbook. The kids will homeschool for a few minutes in the morning and the rest of the day is family time. However, you don’t have to teach on a Saturday if you don’t want to. This is your homeschool journey.

We chose to homeschool to get away from traditional schooling. Whether it’s for rest, mental health, no guilt, or strengthening family bonds, a weekday off is beneficial. Do what works for your family.

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