This is the season of gift-giving, but I don’t want my kids to think they are the only ones to receive gifts. Now they are getting older I wanted to be sure to teach kindness. Have them understand that kindness is a free gift we can give to anyone. I saw this cute lesson on Pinterest and decided to add my own spin to it.

A Chain Reaction of Kindness

This is such a cute and simple homeschool lesson. All you will need is construction paper, kids’ scissors, a glue stick, and a pen to write. This lesson is to help children understand what kindness looks and sounds like, so start off by explaining ways to show kindness. Examples can include what you’ve seen them do for you or their siblings. Scripture for lesson Ephesians 4:32.

Teach Kindness step one

interactive lesson to teach kindness

Grab at least two different-color construction papers. One page per child. We will eventually make a pattern with these colors. Draw lines on each page using a credit card or library card for space.

Second Step

Now you want your child to cut the lines you created. This exercise helps their focus and attention to detail. Allowing toddlers to use scissors also helps with fine motor skills and two-hand coordination. My son did not stay on the line, but more activities like this will help his growth. Remember don’t seek perfection. The goal is to help them understand the lesson.

Third Step

Take all the strips of paper and create a pattern. Our pattern was purple, blue, and purple. I created the pattern first with a few strips and left a few strips to the side. Next, I had them repeat the pattern with me and then asked what came next. There was enough strips to the side to ask my children at least four times “which color comes next.”

Final Step on how to Teach Kindness

Different ways my children said kindness can look like

Now it’s to discuss how kindness looks. Ask your children what things they can do or say to show kindness. In the picture above are some examples my children gave me. This lesson really warmed my heart. Next, you will flip the piece of paper over and glue one side. Loop the strips so the strips can begin to look like a chain. Explain that when we are kind to someone it can create a chain reaction of kindness.

Bonus Lessons

After you’ve done this lesson with your children, take them to buy a gift for a friend or give it to the homeless. I also read books that talked about kindness. You can find other homeschool lessons in my previous blogs.

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