I wrote a blog about my lodging in Asheboro, but I learned some cool things on this family trip to Asheboro funded by Heart of North Carolina. During this trip, I learned about a few places that support homeschooling. I always appreciate when businesses include homeschool options.

I would love to learn about other support and benefits of homeschooling. So leave a comment if you know of other businesses in North Carolina that support homeschooling. Here are four businesses in and near Asheboro that support homeschooling.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Campground

One huge benefit of homeschooling is the ability to travel anytime. You can homeschool on the go if you want. I enjoyed staying at this campground and plan to visit again. If you are planning a visit, check out their discounts first! If you are a registered homeschool you can receive 15% off your reservations during March, June, and September. The campground is perfect to learn and play since it’s close to attractions like the zoo. The campground also offers a lot of fun activites like jumping pillow, workout with yogi and the friends, and more. My son and husband got a chance to play laser tag together while I took my mini me to the playground. Which month do you plan to visit?

boy with lion toy
North Carolina Zoo

Before I write about the homeschool days, I want to write about the quiet days. Quiet days are designed for children with sensory needs. We know the zoo crowds can be overwhelming even for us adults. On quiet days the zoo limits the large crowds by not reserving field trips or large parties. They also turn off loud music and limit the construction noise.

The zoo offers programs for traditional schooling that homeschoolers can also participate in. I will be honest I did not know the zoo offered so many programs. I will be taking advantage of these programs very soon. There are also homeschool days offered four times a year. But you can also enjoy the zoo anytime by purchasing a membership. I put memberships on the gift list to send to family. I want my kids to get as many experiences as possible.

millstone creek orchards
Millstone Orchard Creek

I love a good farm and I truly enjoyed this one! We got to meet the sweet owners of Millstone Creek Orchards, who made you feel like family. This farm has a donut stand, farmers market, playground, and miniature cows! When I talked to the owner Bev about homeschooling, I saw the excitement on her face while she talked about the homeschooling days. May homeschool days were poppy patch excursion. I am excited to see what other months bring. You get a chance to enjoy a hayride, pollinator talk, and more. You can also check out their weekly calendar to find other fun family events.

Ingram Family Farm

Ingram Family Farm has become a favorite for us. I love their strawberries and every time I eat them I question why I buy strawberries from the store. Ingram is not located in Asheboro. As long as I’ve visited this farm, I did not know they catered to homeschoolers. Homeschoolers get to learn about the strawberries, the history of the farm, and taste their delicious treats! Ingram also offers birthday parties! How cool would it be to have a birthday party on a farm? When you plan your visit, be sure to try their strawberry cake. I am not a cake person but I always make sure to get a slice of their cake.

Special thank you to Susan and Des for being the best tour guides. This trip was amazing! Asheboro is a beautiful place to visit.

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