multicolored scissor and four coloring pen on white surface

I noticed a lot of people loved when I shared my homeschool routine but things have switched up since then. Here is my new homeschool routine that allows me to implement more subjects in a day that the kids enjoy.

5 reminders for homeschooling 

  1. It is ok: It’s ok if the day doesn’t go as planned. I can’t tell you how many science experiments or lessons I thought would be a win, only for it to flop. Homeschooling is definitely trial and error. 
  2. Set expectations: Have circle time and let them know what you have planned and what you expect of them. You expect them to listen first, raise their hands, be kind, etc. Then explain the consequences of not listening. 
  3. Make homeschooling fun: Hand out stickers when they complete their work. Let them eat snacks during circle time. Think of how to incorporate a game for the lesson so they can move their bodies. 
  4. Allow wiggle breaks: If you notice your little ones are moving a lot, give them a chance to jump or dance for a few seconds then ask them to focus back. They might need to stand while they do the lesson. This does not need to happen all the time because they also need to learn self-control but you must also know when to show grace. 
  5. Repetition is key: Repeat lessons, especially the ones your children really enjoy. This will help them to remember and keep things simple for you. You don’t have to create something new every week. 
multicolored scissor and four coloring pen on white surface
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Homeschool Routine 

I try to start at 9 am however that doesn’t always happen. My entire routine can last from an hour and thirty minutes to two hours. Sometimes I can do a homeschool after naptime. Keep in mind this is a schedule for pre-k and kindergarten.

Circle time 

  • greeting and check on feelings 
  • Calendar Review
  • Singing the months of the year and the days of the week 
  • Review Personal information: full name, address, parents’ telephone numbers, and family members’ names

Time with God

  • Two songs from our favorite playlist while using our instruments 
  • Recite scripture
  • prayer 


During this time I let one play while I review with the next. This allows a small mental break and personal time with the next.

  • Spanish 
  • writing an alphabet letter and number

Lesson time 

  • Main lesson with one while the other does an engaging educational game.
popsicle shaped in star
Popsicle game for my kindergartner while the pre-k child is doing her main lesson

Some lessons can be taught together but the majority of the time I teach my children separately. Usually, my kindergarten child has a longer lesson than my pre-k. 

Quiet Time 

  • They do whatever they want silently for 30 min. During this, I get to work on whatever I want. This time can not involve television. 

After a nap, we watch a non over non-stimulating show like Franklin or Little Bear. Then I dedicate time to playing with them. We started learning to draw together. This schedule allows multiple subjects, reviews, mental breaks, and personal time with each child. 

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