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As parents it is ok to monitor what shows your children watch. I believe it is a conversation you will eventually need to have with your children because we can’t build a false reality of the world. Our children will still see and hear things. We must all seek God on how and when to have age-appropriate conversations as our children grow. I want my children to understand and appreciate the gender God created them to be before talking about what other people do.

six shows you probably didn’t know had lgbqt characters

Even though it is happening in the world does not mean I need to entertain it in my home. This article focus is on lgbqt, but there are other topics your child might not be ready for. When I told some of my friends with toddlers about the shows I found, they were grateful I told them. Most times these shows don’t show the characters until a few episodes into the season. 

Dino Ranch 

“Adoptasaurus Rex”

This target audience of this show is ages 2-6. Dino Ranch is about the Cassidy family and their dinosaur rescue ranch. In season 1 episode 26, the siblings discover two male t-rex made a nest with pretended stones as eggs. As the t-rex shows their affection, the siblings decided to give the two males a family of their own. The kids help the dinosaurs go through the process of adoption. 

Clifford (2019 series)

The Big Red Tomato/Dogbot”

Clifford is a classic show on PBS created for preschoolers. Recently the network did a reboot and included a same-sex couple in season 1 episode 12. Emily Elizabeth has a backyard party and invites her friend Samantha. Samantha is a main character on the show and she has two moms. In this episode, she does not refer to the women as moms. However in two other episodes further down in the season, Samantha makes it clear both women are her mothers. 

Dr. McStuffin 

The Emergency Plan; What a Quack

Dr.McStuffin is a very popular show for preschoolers on Disney. Dr.Mcstuffin once had every black girl wanting to be a doctor. In season 4 episode 22, we learn the importance of being prepared for an earthquake. We are also introduced to same-sex marriage because their family got separated during the earthquake. Dr.Mcstuffin helps reunite the doll family and the little boy calls both women “mom.”


Firebuds is a show about rescue families. Not only are the children a rescue team so are their parents and vehicles. The rescue vehicles also have parents. I didn’t give a specific episode for this show because there are a few episodes and multiple characters. The first character is Violet, her vehicle is the ambulance. Violet has two mothers. The second character is her ambulance, axl, who has two dad vehicles. 

Ridley Jones

Even though this is a canceled Netflix series, the show can still be found on youtube. The show’s target audience is preschoolers. It is about a young girl and her friends protecting a historical museum. One of the main characters is a bison who prefers to go by the name Fred. There is an episode where the bison explains it feels in its heart to go by the pronouns they/them and to be called Fred. 

Jurassic World Camp

Even though the target audience is not preschoolers, this was still a very bomb show we wanted to show our son. This show will get you sucked in as adults. It is that good! The show is about a group of teens who were selected to visit camp cretaceous, but they got stuck on the island when dinosaurs got loose. They navigate ways of survival and escape. They develop bonds and apparently after some time a love life. The series ends with two main characters, Yasmina and Sammy, kissing. 

Transformer: Earthspark 

Anyone else has a son who loves Transformers? My son asks God to let bumblebee show up at his house. Reminds me of the time I gave my dolls some special food so they could walk from my dad’s house to my mom’s house. When They didn’t show up I figured the walk was too long and they had to hurry back before the sun made them melt. But in my Sophia Petrillo voice, I digress. The show is about a brother/sister duo who discover the Transformers. The duo goes on missions with them and has transformers of their own. The show introduced its first non-binary transformer named Nightshade. 

At the end of the day, you’re the watchman for your home. If the show is new to you, then watch it with your child. Set the rule that you have to watch the shows or movies before. I like to use websites like to find out what the movie/show is about. Maybe your child might have to wait for the show/movie suggested age. You’re not taking away their childhood.

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