Postpartum Anxiety 

You might be familiar with Postpartum depression, but there is also postpartum anxiety that many women can experience. Let us first learn about postpartum anxiety and what it looks like. 

What if someone kidnaps my child

It is normal for parents to worry about their children. God tells us in Philippians 4:6-7 not to worry but to pray instead. He knows we would worry. I look at worry as a sign of a mother’s love. Postpartum anxiety is more than worry. Postpartum anxiety can get out of control and show up in different symptoms.

Symptoms of Postpartum Anxiety 

  1. Disrupted sleep
  2. Heart palpitations 
  3. Fatigue 
  4. racing thoughts
  5. sweating 
  6. shakes 
  7. hyperventilation 
  8. constant worry 
  9. fear that something will happen 
  10. nausea or vomiting 
  11. intense fear of death 
  12. chest pain 

I remember the first time I experienced postpartum anxiety. My mother stayed with me for the first month of my son’s life. As the days got closer to her leaving I began to feel this fear that I would fail as a mom. The day before she left, I went into the bathroom crying and shaking. I questioned how I would be able to care for this child without her. Not only was I new to motherhood, but I was also new to being a stay-at-home mom. I would be at home all day in a new city with a little person whose life depends on me. 

I felt postpartum anxiety again when I had my second born. Now I am a mom of two. I had recurring thoughts of someone harming or kidnapping my babies. I remember one evening I could not sleep my dreams were so bad. These constant thoughts can become physically exhausting. 

Here are 13 ways to overcome anxiety 

  1. wash yourself in the word even if it is the same scripture. For example, my go-to scripture was Philippians 4:6-7
  2. Find a therapist 
  3. Talk to your doctor about it. 
  4. Exercise or take walks 
  5. Tell yourself the facts. For example, the fact is every day is a faith walk. We have no idea what the day may bring, but we do know God knows the beginning to the ending. As mothers, our greatest line of defense for protecting our children is trusting God. 
  6. Buy things that will help ease your mind. For example, I used a toddler harness and baby carrier whenever I ran to the store with my two children. You can find the products I used in my Amazon Favorites.
  7. Learn breathing techniques 
  8. Try stretches daily because stress and anxiety will show up physically 
  9. Park close to entrances 
  10. Let someone know when you have arrived and left your destination 
  11. Don’t stay in your head. When you feel your anxiety getting over the board, call someone, play music, or begin to pray
  12. Talk to your children about safety. For example, teach your child that cars can hurt them if they run into the street, and you love them too much to let them get hurt. This is why you hold their hand or tell them to stay near. 
  13. Limit what you expose yourself to. Like the news, scary movies, or tv shows that can trigger your anxiety. 

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