If you are reading this blog you were either curious or desperate for change in your marriage. Sis, I have been there. There was a time in my marriage when I would say a short prayer for my husband. My prayer was simply, “Jesus.” I knew marriage was not easy. I did not know I would dislike my husband in a few short years.

Prayer for my husband
We were so ready to start our lives together

Prayer for my husband to love me

When my marriage was heading towards divorce, God told me I needed to pray for my husband. Initially, my prayer for my husband was for him to love me. I knew my husband loved me, but I did not feel loved in my marriage. He wasn’t expressing his love for me in a way I could recognize it. We were speaking different love languages. Do you know what your love language is? Do you know what would make you feel loved? I ask these questions because when you know yourself, you will know how to communicate your needs. 

6 simple and powerful prayers for your husband
We must let God fill us up

Become a Praying Wife  

To the wife reading this blog and struggling in your marriage. Trust me I know the tears you cry. I know what it feels like to be doing everything you can to save the marriage but not feel noticed or loved. It took a lot of prayers, marriage counseling, and hard work. My husband and I are not perfect, but I do hear us laughing again. I can tell my children notice the difference. Yes, no matter the age, children are affected when there is tension in the marriage. 

Maybe you are feeling like you are losing the battle because you are operating out of your strength. This is not a blog to tell you just pray for your marriage. No, find the counseling that works for you all even if that means trying multiple people. Join the marriage support groups and read the books. In all that you do be sure prayer is included. Pray to God who should counsel your marriage. Ask God to show you the books to read or the podcast to listen to. Think of your prayers as a strategic attack. Any wise coach would say they study their enemy to plan for their victory. When you know what the enemy does to attack your marriage, then you will know what to pray for. Prayer is also a way to lean on God and receive the strength you need to continue until total victory!

6 Simple and powerful prayers for your husband 

Prayer for your husband should be daily. I set an alarm on my phone to help me remember.

“Father I pray that my husband comes to know you. I pray he has an intimate relationship with you so he can hear and recognize your voice.”

“Father I pray my husband to recognize your voice. I pray he is obedient to you and when he doesn’t listen to me, he listens to you.”

“Father I pray that you bring the right people in my husband’s life that will help him. That will tell him the truth in love. Someone who supports our marriage and can be a listening ear when he needs.” 

“Father I pray my husband takes the way of escape when the enemy tempts him. I pray every addiction is broken and even pray he is disgusted with it. Help him get his priorities straight.” 

“Father I pray my husband meets my needs as a wife. I pray he is sensitive to how I feel and hears me.” 

” Father I pray my husband is fully committed to you. I pray he studies our children so he can be what they need. May they have an unbreakable bond.” 

There is a prayer request box if you want me to pray for your marriage.

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