Let us get into the Going Beyond Live Review because I am so excited I went. I hope this review helps you when planning for the next tour dates. This was my first time doing something like this, especially on my own. My experience is not a guarantee but an amazing time you will have!

Going Beyond Live Review

Going Beyond Live conference is hosted by Lifeway. From that website, you can also purchase your ticket, find the schedule, and more information. Priscilla Shirer brings the word and her younger brother Anthony Evans jr. leads an amazing worship. I believe I attended the last tour date for 2023 which was October 21st. The city I traveled to was Hampton, Virginia. This is a one-day event, but it is so impactful.

Over 3000 women at the going beyond live conference

There were over 3,000 women in attendance. I was so hyped when I could find myself in this picture! I had such a great seat and I did not arrive when the doors opened. Doors opened at 8 a.m., I arrived around 8:30 a.m. Service started at 9 a.m. The church staff and Lifeway were working like a well-oiled machine. Even though the line was wrapped around the building, it moved fairly quickly. It was by the favor of God, my friend and I found seats so close to the stage.

The church that hosted the event was Liberty Baptist Church the Hampton location. The staff was so kind and helpful. Looks like a beautiful church to check out if you’re in or near the area. There is multiple campuses.


Let’s dive back into seating. You receive your ticket (a wristband) in the mail and there is no assigned seating printed on it. Of course, I wanted a good seat and I was nervous I would have to find a new seat after the hour lunch. However, I decided to put my jacket on the seat and I was able to get the same seat I had. There were a few people who did not put their jacket on the seat, and was able to go back to the seat they had. I still recommend marking your seat because it is easy to get lost.


You have close to one hour and 30 minutes for lunch. There were food trucks, the church had a cafe, and you had the option to preorder your lunch. My husband opted to preorder my lunch so I wouldn’t have to wait in line. The next time I attend the conference, I would rather bring my own lunch or try a food truck. The preordered lunch was a sandwich and honestly a little too small for the cost. I left hungry. If you’re not a sandwich person like myself then try the other options.


Like I stated earlier the first service starts at 9 a.m. They started on time and she ran over by a few minutes. I didn’t mind it running over because minute added was ministering I needed. Service ended at 3:45 p.m. There are in total three services. The first service is before lunch, another after lunch, then another after a short break. Each service starts with amazing praise and worship and then dives into the word. There is also time for prayer and more.


From stilettos to sneakers, everyone came as they pleased! Come as you are and be sure whatever you wear is comfortable for you. There are times you can go to the altar, there is dancing, and you just never know how God will have you. There is nothing worse than laying at the altar but distracted with thoughts about your outfit cooperating with you.

Final Review

I will definitely be attending another Going Beyond Live. Each word was different and captivating. She broke down the word and brought it to life. You felt seen in a sea of over 3,000. You felt a sisterhood bond as we all raised our voices to proudly declare in song we are children of God. Anthony Evans leads worship with an amazing and intentional flow. Even though Priscilla Shirer was Ministering to a crowd, I felt like I was having a personal encounter with God. This conference is worth the travel and the money spent. I can not wait for 2024!

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