Why am I talking about supporting small businesses in “Mommy’s Favorites”? Well, two of my favorite brands are small black-owned businesses. February is the month some large companies like to push commercials and ads using black models to prove they are inclusive. Some companies honestly like to support black-owned brands, however, some companies just do it for the sake of not losing sales. Don’t just buy your black-owned brands at large companies, support the small business as well.

small businesses create jobs

Meet Donnya Negera, founder of The Yuuma Collection!

Donnya Negera with the Yuuma Diaper Bag

With her hobby as a content creator Yuuma’s founder, Donnya Negera, was able to grow a community of mothers through her influence. Her voice and her story have even reached Parent’s magazine, giving Donnya a place in the Top 10 Black Mom Bloggers to follow on Instagram!

Behind the scenes, being a mother has always been her priority. After her first child, Donnya knew that there had to be a better diaper bag design that offered more freedom and space for mothers, so she designed her own! Yuuma’s vegan leather diaper bag not only looks sleek and stylish but has loads of pockets and storage.

Our crafted, faux leather diaper bags are tailored for mothers through all stages of motherhood. Whether you have just one child or are a mother of two toddlers, our vegan leather diaper bags are suited for YOU. -Donnya

Here is something Donnya would like you to know about the Yuuma collection, “from mompreneurs, working mothers, and stay-at-home moms, we are all tackling more than one role every day! So when using our diaper bags moms can step out into the world with no restraints and feel confident while doing so!”

I love the Yuuma diaper bag because it is so stylish you wouldn’t even think it was a diaper bag. I used it even when I wasn’t with my children. There are other amazing items like a clutch, the Yuuma collection produces! Go check out the collection for yourself I am sure you will fall in love. 

Now Meet Samantha Jones, Owner of On the Hill Boutique. 

Samantha Jones with On the Hill Boutique

Samantha is a 28-year-old wife and mama of two boys. She is a native of New York but is currently residing in North Carolina. Samantha has a background in Social Work and works from home as a mental health therapist providing telehealth. Samantha also leads a ministry called Pursuing Biblical Womanhood -a community of women seeking the Father’s heart as it pertains to embracing our purpose and role within creation.

On the Hill Boutique is an online women’s store whose vision and mission is to re-establish modesty for modern-day women. The heart of On the Hill Boutique is to display that modesty doesn’t have to be frumpy. 

“A woman can look cute, feel confident and be stylish while dressing in a way that is modest.”

I love On the Hill Boutique, as you can see from the picture above, Samantha makes great selections to sell. The boutique also carries accessories. If you follow her page you can sometimes help her choose what to have next for the store. Check out her website I am positive you will love the choices!

Here are 15 ways you can support a small black-owned business

  1. Buy directly from their website. Some black-owned brands might make it into the stores, but a percentage of the sale goes to the large company. Buying directly from their website goes directly to their pocket.
  2. Share their post in your Instagram story or talk about their business in a story.
  3. Tell a friend about the business. 
  4. Purchase what you can afford. A business is not expensive because you can not afford the price. Remember everything you see costs and comes out of that owner’s pocket. They can’t always afford to pay large bulk to reduce the cost. 
  5. Order take out from that local restaurant
  6. Have a girls brunch at the local restaurant 
  7. Purchase a gift card for a friend
  8. Encourage the owner with words of affirmation
  9. Leave a review on their website or google
  10. Subscribe to their website 
  11. Leave a tip. Every dollar counts for small businesses
  12. Value their time and craft, especially for a hairstylist. These women stand on their feet for hours for your pleasure. 
  13. Don’t ask for a discount even if you have a relationship
  14. Ask for their business cards especially for bakers. Keep the cards in a nice area near the baked goods. 
  15. Be kind when trying to critique. There is a way to advise without offending. For example “Sis I love this blank, especially this part. Have you ever thought of blank?” Ask a question because you never know if it’s already in the owner’s mind to do.

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