What Is Tendonitis?

Tendonitis is inflammation in the tendons. It can cause stiffness and sometimes pain. One of the most common causes is repetitive activities, like overuse of the phone or computer. Places tendonitis can most commonly be found in the hip, wrist, elbow, or shoulder.

Living With Tendonitis

Girl let’s talk about how my thirties and two babies slapped me in my face! My inflammations can be sporadic but the pain has been so unbearable that I’m unable to move my wrist. Because I have experienced serious pain I have become more mindful of what I do. Not only do I have tendonitis in my right wrist, but I also have hip impingement in my right hip. So certain cleaning activities I have either put off or avoided.

Finally doing chores I ran away from because I have tendonitis.
Best ergonomic cleaning tool to clean hard to reach places

Ergonomic Cleaning Tool

Thank God a kind soul was thinking about people like me when they created the perfect ergonomic cleaning tool. The Simple Scrub! I took doctors’ orders and got myself some ergonomic tools to make life easier. Before the Simple Scrub, I tried using a broom as a bathtub cleaner because I was so tired of getting on my hands and knees to clean. The broom handle is straight which makes it difficult to reach every area I need. The handle with the ergonomic bend on the Simple Scrub makes cleaning easier.

Using the Simple Scrub original to reach the high places

This cleaning brush with a long handle allows me to clean the tub, around the toilet, my washer, and more without putting pressure on my wrist or hip. Since I am tall, I sometimes use the Simple Scrub shorty for my tub or the toilet. I love having the option of both sizes because some of my bathrooms are smaller and the shorty just works better in those spaces. 

Self-Care Is Taking Care of You

The Simple Scrub has been a form of self-care for me. My role as a mother is so important that taking care of my body is a must. With Simple Scrub ergonomic handle cleaning has become easier. Not only can I clean the tub but I can also clean around Honestly, it is the simple changes that make life easier. Besides using an ergonomic tool, another tip when cleaning with tendonitis is to use multipurpose cleaning products.

I have the variety pack that gives me different changing pads to help me complete my cleaning. I can go from cleaning the grout in the shower to getting the dust off the walls with a simple change of the pad. It is truly the best multi-surface cleaner I’ve used. Simple Scrub has been a form of self-care for me. I am not overworked from cleaning which means my children have a happy mom. A happy mom equals a happy home.

Create a happy home by using promo code RHEA15 and get 15% off your favorite Simple Scrub products!a happy home.

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