I am about working smarter and not harder. That is why my children (ages 2 and 4) help me clean the house. Teaching your children the value of cleaning does not take away from their childhood. We are raising human beings who will soon become adults. Creating healthy habits at a young age helps them in the future. Here are a few family-friendly cleaning ideas. 

my favorite child and pet safe cleaning product

1. Use Child and Pet Safe Cleaning Products

First thing first, you want products that are kid and pet friendly. I love using products from The Simple Scrub. Before I had children I hated cleaning my bathrooms because it was a small space with little to no proper ventilation. When I had children I started hunting for child and pet safe cleaning products that didn’t have strong smells. I fell in love with the disinfectant, Pure & Simple Spray. I have used other safe products, but the lemongrass smell was so strong I couldn’t use them. The Simple Scrub spray has a pleasant scent and is safe enough for the children to help me spray. 

2. Be The Example and Plant The Seed

Your children can learn the value of cleaning even as a baby. How do you do that? Just by being an example. When you’re holding your baby and cleaning, tell your child what you are doing. “Mommy is cleaning up because when we make messes we clean it up.” When they become older, have them clean the mess with your assistance. For example, I have my son spray the all-purpose cleaner and degreaser on his own and then wipe up the mess. 

show them where things go

3. Organize Organize Organize

You don’t have to be extremely neat to have organization. A way to make teaching the value of cleaning easier is to start with simple organization. Having a place for shoes or toys will help your child learn how to clean without you asking. As soon as my daughter (age 2) walks into the house she takes off her shoes and puts them in the closet. 

4. Focus On One thing

When there is a place for everything, you can have your child focus on one thing to do while you clean other places. For example, I tell my son to pick up all the cars and put them away. Even though there are other toys on the floor, I don’t want my son to get overwhelmed. 

5. Be A Good Steward

The Bible talks about being a good steward of what we have. I teach my son God blessed us with this home so we must take care of it to show our gratitude. It’s not just about cleaning up toys, it is about taking care of their home and planet. When you use reusable products, like microfiber towels, you eliminate paper waste and care for your home. Microfiber towels are reusable and multi-purpose. I am saving money while I clean dust or wet messes.

6. Have Fun

I grew up playing music while I cleaned, and I still throw down when I clean. Now as a mom, I take the time to think about how to make chores fun. See who can put all the shoes in the closet first or can put away anything with the color yellow. My children love using spray bottles. So even games as simple as “Who can help mommy spray disinfectant?” is fun. Reward them and yourself for cleaning. Your children shouldn’t associate cleaning with just something my mom does or a woman’s responsibility. Cleaning is for every person. 

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